Pre-Engineered Buildings

Jasper Lumber Company has been successfully erecting pre-engineered metal buildings for many years.  It is often times a more economical solution verses the traditions wood frame construction.

Why build a “pole barn” when you can build a pre-engineered steel building for less?

Now I know what you are thinking!  There is no way a pre-engineered steel building can cost less!  The initial investment may only be a few dollars more per square foot, but the long term investment of a pre-engineered steel building is far less than a “pole barn”.  Not to mention that a pre-engineered steel building can be dis-assembled and relocated!  A pre-engineered building is also 100% recyclable which is good for the environment and with today’s scrap metal prices of $160.00 – $200.00 per ton, that can add up to some extra cash.

Here are just a few of the advantages that a pre-engineered steel building has over a “pole barn”:

  • Steel is stronger and fire resistant.
  • Steel is 100% recyclable, therefore making it better for the environment.
  • Pre-engineered steel buildings last longer.
  • Pre-engineered buildings cost less to insure.
  • All of the components of a pre-engineered steel building are built out of similar materials, (steel) and are engineered to perform as one structure, unlike a “pole barn” that uses wood and metal.
  • A pre-engineered building can have a wider clear span and can be built taller than a “pole barn”.
  • There is much more useable headroom in a pre-engineered steel building
  • A “pole barn” is constructed using pressure treated wood that is considered hazardous and should not be burned except by professionals.

With a variety of manufacturer resources, Jasper Lumber Company, Inc. can find the right fit for your building needs.  We encourage you to consider your options for your next building project.  Contact us today!

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