St. Joseph Parish Center

The addition and renovation of the old St. Joseph School converted the 1920’s building into a new parish center for the St. Joseph Catholic Church in Jasper.  This project blended the old with the new to create a versatile facility for the congregation and community.  All of the additions added a total of 22,300 square feet to the existing 46,700 square foot building.  A multi-purpose room was one addition which featured basketball and volleyball courts.  Using Increte, Jasper Lumber created a spacious plaza which now connects the church and parish center.  Many original characteristics of the building were restored and refurbished including the brick, terrazzo flooring, balcony seating, and stage.  This facility now provides abundant space for religion classes, youth ministry, retreats, banquets, and other large gatherings for the growing parish.

"Jasper Lumber was selected as our General Contractor and we simply could not be happier! Our Parish is now a state of the art, functional show place that meets or exceeds everyone's expectations - it is simply great."

"Many companies can build great buildings but there are a few things you cannot mandate in a contractor. Jasper Lumber's people take ownership, individually. Their attention to detail and workmanship is second to none."

Danny W. Wehr, Project Manager

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