St. Meinrad Archabbey – Renovation of Sherwood and Benet Halls

This was the first major renovation of the formerly known Sherwood and Benet Halls, in 87 years at the St. Meinrad Archabbey.  The renovation updated the student rooms on the third and fourth floors and added private baths.

The second floor restoration contained several faculty offices, two conference rooms, a workroom, and faculty lounge. The first floor administrative offices were remodeled and a new elevator was installed.  The ground floor portion of the renovation consisted of student storage and archive space, as well as updating the shower and laundry facilities.

A new gallery was constructed in place of the existing connector for Sherwood and Anselm Halls. Windows line each side of the new gallery and expose the beautifully refurbished courtyards. Throughout  St. Gregory Hall all existing windows were replaced and a new heating and air conditioning system was installed.  Electrical and plumbing systems were updated and added to accommodate the new rooms.  The red clay tile roof was also replaced to match the existing.

The Archabbey Power Plant was also restored during the beginning of the St. Gregory Hall renovation.  Part of the existing building was torn down and a new stone retaining wall was constructed to keep the hillside from wearing away.

"The renovations are beautiful and I want to thank you and all of those involved for your work on such an important project. My father knew a man who spent much of his career plastering St. Meinrad's buildings. After completing the project, whenever he would go to visit St. Meinrad, he was always so proud of his work. I hope that you and all the people who have worked on the renovations at St. Meinrad will be able to have many days to return and enjoy not only your handiwork, but also the spiritual beauty of St. Meinrad."

Fr. Jason Gries, Associate Pastor

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